Mir is a high-level general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language.

Mir has been created for efficient modeling of complex systems and solution of direct and inverse problems. Its standard implementation is highly modular, allowing significant extension. Currently Mir is under active development.

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Development activity

2023-10-15:  APR for *nix systems updated to 1.7.4
2023-10-15:  APR for Win updated to 1.7.4
2023-10-09:  Updated signature for libcpuid
2023-10-08:  libcpuid updated to 0.6.4
2023-08-29:  LibTiff updated to 4.5.1
2023-08-29:  Fixed false positive alarm from Valgrind
2023-08-28:  Fixed building of MPICH1
2023-08-19:  zlib updated to 1.3
2023-08-08:  Improved update scripts, major and minor version number are taken into account
2023-07-19:  Language reference documentation updated